Want To Set Up A Farmers Market For Your Home Grown Organic Produce? What All You Should Offer

If you’re considering opening up a small farmers market where you sell different items that you grow in your own garden, and expanding your business, there are a couple of other things you may want to offer. People will be more willing to stop by the location where you are selling if they can get more than just vegetables.

Since they are interested in buying organic vegetables, they are probably interested in other organic or homemade products, or getting other groceries at the same time. Consider offering the following things along with your vegetables and fruit, to attract more people.

Organic Eggs

Is there a local farmer or a person with chickens that is always selling fresh eggs? Ask them if they want to put up an egg stand on the day that you sell your vegetables, or if they would like you to sell the eggs for them. You can charge them a small fee to put up their booth or to sell the eggs there, or you can just let them do it without charge since it could attract more potential customers.


Find bread suppliers for local restaurants and grocery stores and get some bread options. Getting fresh baked bread that’s delivered to your market gives another place for people to stop, and they can stop at your market to get the essentials on the way home. Bread is something that people frequently have to stop for, and they’ll be glad they don’t have to go to a large grocery store. For more information, contact companies like Klosterman Baking Company.

Jams and Honey

Find some people in the area that make and sell their own jam and honey. This could become a huge attraction at your small market and it can help you sell more bread and vegetables. People love local honey because of unique tastes they can get, depending on what type of flowers are in bloom.

If you are trying to expand your organic farming interests into a business, and you want to create a farmers market one day of the week, or multiple times throughout the week, when people know they can stop by and get fresh produce from that season. When you add more than just produce to your market, and you add things like jam and honey or bread, you can offer people more things they need, they will be more likely to stop by and fill up a bag of goods from the market. 

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Tips for Making Office Coffee Feel Like it’s From a Coffee Shop

Buying coffee from a coffee shop is an activity that many people enjoy. It allows them to get a delicious drink in a pleasant atmosphere. However, there are many different office coffee stations that do not offer the same quality of coffee or the same atmosphere. This can make office employees take time out of their working day to seek such a beverage and such an experience. Here are some tips to encourage employees to stick with the office coffee, which is going to be better for their productivity levels, as well as for their wallets.

1. Hire a Coffee Service

Your first step is to hire an office coffee service that will come to the office once a week, once a day, or once every few weeks to restock, make coffee, and clean everything up. Often, office employees prefer the flavor of coffee that is provided by a food service specializing in coffee, rather than the cheap, bulk coffee that many offices purchase themselves. The fact that the office coffee service will also clean up at the end of the week and make sure that everything is organized and well-stocked can help make the office coffee area more pleasant for people to be around and therefore make them more likely to partake.

If a coffee service is out of your budget, you can still drastically improve the flavor of the coffee and reduce the time it takes to make the coffee by investing in a single-serve coffee maker.

2. Put Comfortable Chairs Near the Coffee

Employees also like leaving the office to go get coffee because it lets them take a break, get away from their work, and come back refreshed with new ways to solve current problems at hand. These breaks can take a long time but can be productive if the employee comes back more productive than before. You can shorten the length of the break by putting comfortable chairs around the area where coffee is being served, encouraging employees to linger and chat with one another for a few minutes. These can give you employees the same benefit of the break without taking nearly as much time.

3. Give Everyone a Mug

Finally, consider giving everyone a mug that has your company’s logo, as well as the name of the employee on it. This will cut down the amount of mugs that need to be washed at the end of the day because it will be easier to make each employee responsible for his or her own mug, as well as make employees feel as though you truly value their comfort.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in office coffee services like Five Star Water.

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Desserts To Try Next Time You Eat At A Mexican Restaurant

The next time you head out to a Mexican restaurant, don’t forget to try one of the ethnic desserts available. Many people love the salsas, rice and beans, and entrees such as tacos and enchiladas for which Mexican cuisine is famous. However, Mexican cuisine also has some delicious desserts that deserve attention. Below is a list of some of the different desserts you can try.


Flan is a vanilla custard that is baked with caramel sauce on the bottom of the dish. When the custard is finished cooking in the oven, it is inverted onto a plate and the soft caramel drips over the custard. Flan is often made in small ramekins for individual servings. If you like puddings or crème caramel, then you will love flan.

Tres Leches Cake

This is a vanilla sponge cake that gets its name due to the fact it is soaked with three different kinds of milk (well, two milks and one cream.) The first milk is evaporated milk. Evaporated milk is not sweetened, but it does have much of the water removed so it is thicker than regular milk.

The second milk is condensed milk. This milk is sweetened and it is thick. Finally, heavy cream is poured over the cake. The cake will sometimes be topped with whipped cream and maraschino cherries.

Tres Leches Cake is not a soggy, heavy cake, even though it has lots of milk and cream poured over it. This is because the cake is not a butter heavy cake, but rather it is a sponge cake. It is a rich cake, but one that you can enjoy after a big meal.


These are chewy coconut cookies. They are made with sweetened, shredded coconut, and colored different shades using food coloring. These are a popular street food and are a favorite with people in Mexico. If you don’t want a big dessert such as cake or custard, then these cookies would be perfect with coffee.


Churros are fried pastries that are a popular breakfast snack in Mexico, but there is no reason you can’t also have one for dessert. They are like somewhat like doughnuts, in that they can be used either for either purpose. Churros are made by forming a pastry dough into thin strips. These strips will sometimes be twisted into knots or other shapes. They are then deep fried and generously dusted with sugar.

If you’re interested in learning more, pop over to this site.

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Plated Service: Expensive Reputation, Cost-Effective Reality

If you’re planning a wedding and are evaluating meal options before speaking with a caterer, you have likely seen the advice that plated service is much more expensive than buffet, family-style, or food-station setups. The costs of the waitstaff, the individual plating, and so on can all add up, certainly, but giving everyone their own meals can have some definite cost-saving effects on your catering budget.

People Get What They Want

With plated service, you can offer a range of meals and have enough food prepared for just the guests. In other words, if you have X number of guests attending, part of whom want Y meal, part of whom want Z meal, and part of whom have special dietary requirements, you can accommodate everyone without risking food going to waste. It’s common for plated catering services to offer checklists along with invitations so that guests can indicate what they want ahead of time; you may also see those checklists at the wedding reception itself, and caterers can then cook up enough of each dish for the people who are actually present.

Compare this to a buffet in which the caterers have prepared certain foods, and you just have to hope that you aren’t stuck with leftovers. While customizing a menu for plated service might seem to cost more at first, a buffet could result in cooked food, and thus the money you spent on it, being thrown out.

You’ll Have to Pay for Staff Anyway

A buffet seems rather economical because fewer staff are needed to man the buffet tables. But you still need people to set up and clear away all of the dining tables and the items that go along with those, like napkins. You won’t really see much savings here by going with a buffet service unless the reception is small and you do a lot of the setup yourself.

Less Disorganization, Less Space

When planning a buffet, you need to leave enough room for all of the people at the reception to be able to line up at the buffet tables and move along easily. You also need to leave room between tables so that everyone can comfortably move back to their seats while carrying plates of food. That means you need a lot of space in that reception room.

With plated service, however, you don’t need extra room for buffet tables. You do need space for experienced waitstaff with trays, but they know what they are doing and won’t be walking around with a crowd of other waitstaff. You could have a smaller reception area, thus saving some money on the location.

If you would like to discuss plated vs. buffet service for your wedding, contact caterers as soon as you can. The longer the lead time a caterer has, the easier it will be to plan your meal service, and the less expensive it can be because there won’t be any rush orders.

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Tasty Ways To Get Your Kids To Eat Chia Seeds

You might have heard of the benefits of chia seeds, and you might want your kids to enjoy some of these health benefits as well. However, chia seeds aren’t exactly known as a kid-friendly food, so you could worry that you’ll have a hard time getting your little ones to eat them. Luckily, these kid-friendly tips can help you get your kids to enjoy this superfood.

Blend Them Into a Tasty Smoothie

Lots of kids love fruity smoothies, which is a good thing — they’re a great sweet treat but are packed with nutrients. Try blending chia seeds into your kids’ favorite smoothies; if they’re properly blended, they might not even notice the difference…instead, they might be too busy relishing the tastiness of their favorite fruity smoothie.

Make Baking Fun with Chia Seeds

Do your kids enjoy baking with you? If so, this is a great time to add chia seeds into the mix. Many kids love sprinkling nuts, sprinkles and other ingredients on top of cupcakes, muffins and other baked goods. Consider switching to healthy but just-as-fun chia seeds. Even small kids can get involved, and your little ones will be more likely to want to eat the chia seeds if they added them themselves. Plus, getting your kids in the kitchen to bake with you can be a great bonding activity and can help teach your kids kitchen skills, measuring skills and more.

Make Chicken Nuggets or Chicken Strips

Many kids love chicken nuggets or chicken strips, but you might hesitate to feed these foods to your kids too often since they aren’t healthy. A fun — and healthier — twist is to make your own breading and to add chia seeds into the mixture. Then, bake your chicken nuggets or chicken tenders instead of frying them. They’ll be tasty for your kids, and you’ll feel a lot better about your choice than if you chose to serve your little ones a fried option.

Use Them as a Casserole Topping

Casseroles are a family-favorite since they generally pack protein, veggies and overall yumminess that the whole family can enjoy. Plus, they’re easy to throw together and are affordable to make as well. To implement chia seeds into your favorite casseroles, consider adding them to the bread crumb mixture that you might use on top of some of your recipes, such as on top of baked macaroni and cheese or other casserole dishes.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can encourage your kids to eat chia seeds. Try these ideas, and your little ones are sure to gobble them up without any problems. For more information, visit sites like www.sincerelynuts.com

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip That Cup Of Coffee In The Morning

It is estimated that around 83% of adults in the U.S. drink coffee according to the National Coffee Association. With so many people enjoying a cup of Joe, it is much more than just getting a jolt of energy. Many people find other benefits from the dark liquid that includes antioxidant properties, a way to socialize, and even a luxury that helps calm the senses. A lot of people think coffee’s biggest perk is to help provide more energy thanks to the plentiful amount of caffeine it can provide, but many nutritionist are encouraging their clients to drink more of the popular drink. Here are some benefits that you may not know about coffee. 

Lose Weight

When most people think about losing weight, the last thing on their agenda is to drink more coffee. Experts suggest that coffee can help increase your metabolism by about 3% to 11%. It does this by centralizing the fat cells and then breaking them down so you are able to burn more fat just by drinking coffee. While you cannot expect to lose a huge amount of weight by just drinking coffee alone, it can help aid the process if you are working out and watching your caloric intake. 

Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

There are over 29 million people in the U.S. that suffer from diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For many of these people, they suffer with high medical costs and other medical complications from the disease. Based off a study conducted by some Chinese researchers, it was found that coffee contained three critical components that helped block a protein that was linked to Type 2 Diabetes. Other studies have shown a reduction in the chance of contracting type 2 diabetes to 50% just by drinking coffee. 

Acts as an Antidepressant

For those who find themselves stressed and depressed at times, picking up a cup of coffee can help lower these symptoms according to a study conducted by Harvard School of Public Health. The study found that coffee was able to act as a mild antidepressant for those who drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day. This resulted in a lower risk of suicide by up to 50% in both men and women. 

While there may be some drawbacks to drinking keurig k cups of coffee for those who suffer from anxiety and an overactive thyroid, coffee can provide many great health benefits. It is important to consult with your doctor should you choose to drink coffee for its health benefits. 

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Is Nursery Water A Good Option For Babies?

If you have a baby, or are expecting one, there’s a good chance you’ve been urged to use nursery water to mix in formula and cereal or to give to your child to drink. While you want to do everything you can to ensure your child grows up healthy, you want to make sure this type of water will actually be beneficial. Here’s more information about this product to help you decide if you should use it.

What is Nursery Water?

Nursery water is basically distilled water with a small amount of fluoride added to it. Companies who produce it use a variety of filtration methods to remove bacteria and other contaminants that are often found in regular drinking water. Fluoride is added to the water to help promote healthy teeth and reduce tooth decay.

Benefits of Nursery Water

One of the primary benefits of nursery water is its purity. The immune system in a baby doesn’t kick in until it is about 6 months old. From the time it leaves the womb, however, it is bombarded with microscopic bacteria, fungi, and other harmful organisms. Babies do retain some of the antibodies it obtained from the mother while it was in her body, but anything you can do to minimize the amount of bad organisms that come in contact with your child can only help him or her.

For that purpose, nursery water is a good option for babies, since tap water and even regular bottled water often contain impurities such as chlorine and bacteria that may harm a baby’s growth and development or make the child sick. However, you can get the same thing by using regular distilled or purified water. What sets nursery water apart from those products is the added fluoride.

Fluoride is a chemical best known for helping prevent tooth decay. Consuming small amounts of fluoride can strengthen your child’s teeth against cavities, because the chemical binds itself to tooth structures as they are developing. This means giving your child nursery water when he or she is an infant may protect them from some tooth problems later on.

Nursery Water Warning

However, the problem with using nursery water is it may actually cause your child to get too much fluoride. Fluoride is already found in breast milk, and it is often added to infant formula. So giving your child nursery water may increase their risk of getting dental fluorosis, which is a tooth condition characterized by white streaks or spots developing in the teeth. The condition is not harmful, but it can make teeth aesthetically unappealing.

Because of this, nursery water is probably best suited for babies who live in areas that don’t have fluoridated water (thereby letting them get it via their mother’s milk) and those that aren’t getting it from other sources like infant formula. If neither of these conditions apply to your child, it may be better to use regular distilled or purified water.

For more information about nursery water or to schedule convenient delivery of this or other water products to your home, connect with a water delivery service in your area.

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